Tenerife: Teide I


Annika, Kim, Jens and Rory took the bus from Puerto de la Cruz to the Parador and hiked around the Roques de Garcia. They took so many good photos that they are on 2 pages.
Teida Teide from the Parador.
Roques de Garcia Los Roques de Garcia.
Finger of God This rock is called the Finger of God.
Las Canadas Las Canadas, the collapsed dome of the old (pre-Teide) volcano. The rim is about 12 km in diameter.
Teida and Finger of God The Finger of God and Teide.
Finger of God and Annika Annika below the Finger of God.
The Cathedral from above Looking down on the Cathedral rocks and Las Canadas. In the background is the rim of the collapsed dome.
Roques and Finger of God The Finger of God.
Teida and lava Teide.
Los Roques SOme of the jagges rock formations in Los Roques.
Jagged rocks and Annika, Kim, Jens A close-up.
Annika, Jens, Kim among rocks Annika, Kim and Jens beside the rock formation above.
Kim by jagged rocks Kim beside another jagged rock formation.
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