Tenerife: Day 4


A quiet day recuperating from the Barranco hike. We swam, Bill hiked to Tamaimo, and I did a picture of our balcony and the view to La Gomera
View of pool from our balcony The view of the pool where we swim from our balcony. In the distance is the neighbouring island of La Gomera.
La Gomera La Gomera. The town of San Sebastian used to be the last landfall before the sailing ships set off across the Atlantic for the Caribean. Christopher Columbus set out from San Sebastian on his voyages to America.
picture of balcony This is a picture I drew (coloured pencils) of our balcony. La Gomera is on the horizon.
bouganvillia Bouganvillia - a climber seen everywhere on Tenerife. The flowers are small and white. The bright outer petals act like wings to transport the seeds.
white oleander White oleander. It has a lovely spicy perfume. There is also a pink variety.
pink and white flowers These flowers grew all over the island, often wild.
strelitze tree This is a variety of strelitzia. It is a bush/small tree which looks a bit like a banana tree.
strelitze Strelitzia flower. It looks rather like a bird.

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