Tenerife: Aquamansa


Annika and Rory took the bus from Puerto de la Cruz to Aquamansa, the town just below La Caldera where Bill and I hiked in the spring. They did a much longer hike than we did - they had much better weather and took a lot fewer photos.
Aquamansa At the start of the hike, looking down from Aqumansa to the Orotava valley. The clouds are above the hikers.
Annika on trail from Aquamansa Annika on the trail under the pines .
Spanish moss Spanish moss hanging from the trees.
Puerta de la Cruz Looking through the trees down onto Puerta de la Cruz. Many trees have been cut down. The clouds are just overhead.
log piles The area has been devastated by logging.
logging More logging. The hikers are now above the clouds.
trail Back into the forest.
Teida A view south to Teida.
cave - lavetube A cave beside the trail - probably a broken lava tube.
forest and rocks Large blocks of rock among the trees and bushes.
Puerta de la Cruz Another look down to Puerta de la Cruz and the coast. The clouds are far below.
The Organ rock formation The Organ. Bill and I saw this rock formation from across the valley through the fog.
forest-covered hills Forest-covered hills.
Puerta de la Cruz A final look down to the coast before heading downhill, back to the bus. The hike was about 15 km.

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