Tenerife: Day 21


Our last day! To-morrow we fly back to Germany. A surprise at breakfast - old friends from Odendorf have just arrived for a 2-week holiday. What a small world. Packing and a little last-minute shopping. On our way into town, another surprise - huge breakers were rolling in from the west and crashing on the lava cliffs and beaches. Bill dashed back and got his video and the SLR camera, so all these photos are his.
What a send-off Tenerife has given us.
Palm and breakers Waves breaking on the lava headlands. The palm fronds were all horizontal
West end of Playa de la Arena beach The west end of Playa de la Arena beach. The red flags are flying and no one is allowed in the water. Small wonder with breakers this big.
Wave curling The water in Playa de la Arena bay is piling up between the two headlands. It simply can't get out before the next wave rolls in.
Playa de la Arena beach There are tapes up to keep people away from the water but they couldn't move them back fast enough to keep the sunbathers from getting wet.
Vicki watching breakers I had a grandstand seat. Since I didn't have a camera, I didn't mind getting a bit damp. The only trouble was my glasses kept getting coated with salt and I couldn't see. Bill had trouble keeping his cameras dry and the lenses clear.
waves breaking below villas There were some really spectacular breakers. I thought is was a great show at Bollullo Bay (Day 5) and 3 days ago (Day 18). But this was fantastic.
breaker as high as villas on headlland The villas on the headland and palm trees show just how big these breakers are.
breakers What a fantastic amount of energy!
breakers Breakers rolling in, one right after the other.
Breaker higher than the villas on the cliff Bill did a super job catching these big splashes. How I wish I could show you his video!
Wave breaking on lava rocks I could have sat there all day but we were worried about the salt spray ruining the camera. So we had to leave the show, go back to the hotel and pack our suitcases for the trip home tomorrow.
We had a fabulous 3 weeks on Tenerife. And I have had a super time reliving it all while I chose and edited the photos and made this diary to show you.

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