Tenerife: Day 5


Walk from Puerto de la Cruz to Playa Bollullo
Martiánez Pools and beach in Puerto de la Cruz Martiánez swimming pools and Playa Martiánez in Puerto de la Cruz.
bird drinking nectar from orange flowers A little wren-like bird drinking nectar from orange "Tobacco Tree" flowers.
lizard Large (approx. 9 inches = 22 cm) greenish lizzard basking in the sun under a yellow Tobacco Tree.
bananas with flower We walked past many banana plantations. This is a banana flower on the end of a bunch of green bananas.
wall covered in orange climbers A banana plantation wall covered in orange climbing plant.
terraced fields on the side of a barranco The terraced side of a barranco running down to the sea. The tiny figure up on the skyline is Bill photographing.
pehoihoi lava with flow marks Pehoihoi lava with clear flow marks at the foot of the barranco.
Dragon Tree A Dragon Tree. This is not really a tree but a plant that grows several meters tall. Dragon trees can live several hundred years but probably not thousands of years as is sometimes claimed.
Playa Bollullo and Teide Playa Bollullo, a natural black lava sand beach. In the background is Teide.
Playa Bollullo and breakers Despite the big waves, people were in swimming. In the background is Puerto de la Cruz.
Waves breaking on rock at Playa Bollullo Wave breaking on a rock at Playa Bollullo.

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