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With many thanks to Dr. Wolfgang Buchmann und Frau Helga Keikut for their informative guided walks
to see the wild orchids of the Eifel.

This is a photographic album of some of the wild orchids which grow in the Eifel (see map below), a hilly region of Western Germany on the Belgian and Luxembourg border. Millions of years ago, this area was under an ocean and remains of coral reefs can be found in several districts, making ideal conditions for wild orchids. We have photographed these flowers between April and August over the last 12 years. Wild orchids belonging
to 14 families were found:
orchis, and

In the last decade, as the genetic makeup of orchids becomes better known, many orchids have been assigned to different groups; e.g. orchis ustulata (burnt orchid) and orchis tridentata (three-toothed orchid, not found in the Eifel) have been moved to the group neotinea and orchis morio (green-winged orchid)
is now in the anacamptis group.

We have also photographed wild orchids on 2 trips to the island of Crete, Greece - see link below.

In 2010, we moved back home to Canada and are busy finding and photographing wild orchids in Ontario. Click on the link below.

Button: Aceras Aceras Anthropophorum: Man Orchid, Hängender Mensch
Button: Anacamptis Anacamptis Morio: Green Winged Orchid, Kleines Knabenkraut
Anacamptis Pyramidalis: Pyramidal Orchid, Pyramidenorchis
utton: Cephalanthera Cephalanthera Damesonium: White Helleborine, Weißes Waldvögelein
Cephalanthera Rubra: Red Helleborine, Rotes Waldvögelein
Button: Coeloglossum Coeloglossum Viride: Frog Orchid, Grüne Hohlzunge
Button: Dactylorhiza Dactylorhiza Fuchsii: Common Spotted Orchid, Fuchsens Knabenkraut
Dactylorhiza Incarnata Ochroleuca: Cream-coloured Early Marsh Orchid
Dactylorhiza Maculata: Heath Spotted Orchid, Geflecktes Knabenkraut
Dactylorhiza Majalis: Western Marsh Orchid, Breitblättriges Knabenkraut
Dactylorhiza Sphagnicola: Peat Orchid, Torfmoos-Knabenkraut
Epipactis Epipactis Atrorubens: Red Helleborine, Braunrote Stendelwurz
Epipactis Helleborine: Broad-leaved Helleborine, Breitblättrige Stendelwurz
Epipactis Muelleri: Mueller's Helleborine, Müllers Stendelwurz
Button: Gymnadenia Gymnadenia Canopsea: Fragrant Orchid, Mücken-Händelwurz
Button: Himantoglossum Himantoglossum Hircinum: Lizard Orchid, Bocks-Riemenzunge
Button: Listera Listera Cordata: Lesser Twayblade, kleines Zweiblatt
Listera Ovata: Common Twayblade, Großes Zweiblatt
Button: Neotinea Neotinea Ustulata: Burnt Orchid, Brand-Knabenkraut
Button: Neottia Neottia Nidus-avis: Bird's Nest Orchid, Vogel-Nestwurz
Button: Ophrys Ophrys Apifera: Bee Orchid, Bienen-Ragwurz
Ophrys Fûciflora: Bumble Bee Orchid, Hummel-Ragwurz
Ophrys Insectifera: Fly orchid, Fliegen-Ragwurz
Button: Orchis Orchis Mascula: Early Purple Orchid, Männliches Knabenkraut
Orchis Militaris: Military Orchid, Helm-Knabenkraut
Orchis Morio: Green Winged Orchid, kleines Knabenkraut
Orchis Purpurea: Lady Orchid, Purpur-Knabenkraut
Orchis Ustulata: Burnt Orchid, Brand-Knabenkraut
Button: Platanthera Platanthera Bifolia: Lesser Butterfly Orchid, Weiße Waldhyazinthe
Platanthera Chlorantha: Greater Butterfly Orchid, Grünliche Waldhyazinthe


Orchids of Crete

Orchids of Ontario

Map of Germany


Die Orchideen Nordrhein-
Europäische Wildorchideen
Orchideen der Eifel
Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen NRW
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Daniel Tyteca
Helga Keikut



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