Orchids of the Eifel: Coeloglossum viride

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Coeloglossum viride plant

Latin: Coeloglossum viride
English: Frog orchid or long-bracted green orchid
German: Grüne Hohlzunge
Bloom: June to mid-July


Photographed near Ripsdorf,
May 31, 2008

These orchids grow in poor to rich, basic to acidic soil, in short grass or desciduous woods or thickets. The flowers are yellow green, often tinged with purple or redddish-brown. The colour of the lip varies from yellow-green to reddish brown.

Photographed near Ripsdorf,
May 31, 2008

Coeloglossum Viride - close-up

These flowers are much pinker than the above plant.

Photographed near Wasserliesch,
June 5, 2009


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June 6, 2009
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