Orchids of Ontario

This is a photographic album of the wild orchids of Ontario, Canada, that we have photographed between 2006 and 2015. Wild orchids belonging to 8 families have been found to date: calopogon (Grass Pink) , calypso (Calypso), corallorhyza (Coral Roots), cypripedium (Lady's Slippers), epipactis (Helleborines), goodyera (Rattlesnake Plantains), spiranthes (Ladies' Tresses) and platanthera (Bog/Fringed Orchids). All pictures were taken in Southern Ontario, mainly the Bruce Peninsula, near Orillia, Torrence Barrens and around Killarney.

I will be out again next year looking for new orchids to add to the list. The Bruce alone has 44 different orchids, so there are still lots out there to find.


Calopogon_Ontario, Canada Calopogon
Grass Pink
Calypso:Ontario, Canada Calypso
Corallorhiza_Ontario, Canada Corallorhiza
Coral Roots
Cypripedium_Ontario, Canada Cypripedium
Lady's Slippers
button - epipactis Epipactis
Goodyera_Ontario, Canada Goodyera
Rattlesnake Plantains
Spiranthes_Ontario, Canada
Ladies' Tresses
Small Purple Fringed Orchid
Platanthera Fringed Orchid
Ophrys_Crete, Greece
Orchids of Crete, Greece
button - Orchids of the Eifel
Orchids of
the Eifel, Germany




July 30, 2015
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