Orchids of Crete

This is a photographic album of the wild orchids of Crete, Greece, that we photographed in the first two weeks of April 1996. Wild orchids belonging to 5 families were found: anachamptis, dachtylorhiza, ophrys, orchis and serapias. All pictures were taken in the western half of Crete. Orchids were found in the area around Neo Horio in the northern foothills of the White Mountains, the Dictano Gorge northwest of Neo Horio, the peninsula northeast of Vamos around Gavalohori and Kokkino Horio, Armeni south of Rethymnon, and on the southeast slopes of Mount Jouchtas south of Arhanes (south of Heraklion) - see the map below.

I have tried to identify the orchids according to family and group. If anyone finds any errors or can identify any of the serapias groups, I would like very much to hear from you.


Anacamptis Anacamptis
Ophrys Ophrys
Orchis Orchis
serapias Serapias
Wildflowers of Crete, Greece Wildflowers of Crete
SOuth coast of Crete looking west from Hora Sfakion
Orchis purpurea - Eifel, Germany
Orchids of
the Eifel, Germany
showy lady's slipper
Orchids of
Ontario, Canada


map of Crete


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