Frangokastello, Moni Prevali, and Phestos, Crete 1998

In the Easter holidays, i.e. the first 2 weeks of April, 1998 Bill, Rory, Jens Peter and I spent 2 super weeks on Crete.

The second week we rented a car, which gave us a lot more freedom to travel farther afield. After we had hiked the Imbros Gorge, we drove along the south coast eastwards to Frangokastello and on to the monastery Moni Preveli, before turning northward for "home". Another day we visited the Minoan ruins at Phestos and Agia Triada, the Roman ruins at Gortys and the beech and caves at Metala. Bill did most of the photography with the video. Unfortunately the cassette is broken.

Frangokastello with the White Mountains behind it
The Venetian fort of Frangokastello on the south coast of Crete, east of Horo Sfakion. In the background are the White Mountains. Pachnes, at 2453 metres the highest peak in the White Mountains, is only 6 metres lower than Mount Ida in the central Psiloritis range, the highest mountain on Crete.

The massive outer walls of Frangokastello. The Venetians ruled Crete from 1210 to 1669. Frangokastello was a defence against pirates from North Africa and later the Turks.

Frangokastello outer walls
Gateway into Frangokastello
The gateway into Frangokastello.

An archway inside Frangokastello.

Archway inside Frangokastello
Inside Frangokastello

Inside Frangocastello.

Driving along the south coast of Crete eastwards from Frangokastello. The road clung to the mountainside above the sea. Winter storms had washed out the roadbed and only boulders placed on the pavement warned that there was nothing under the asphalt. Even though we are approaching the eastern end of the White Mountains, deep ravines still cut into the mountainside, here dividing the towns of Ano and Kato Rodokino.
Ano and Kato Rodokino
Plakias The town of Plakias on the south coast of Crete.
Moni Prevali monastery, perched high above the ocean. Moni Prevali monestary
Chapel at Moni Prevali
A chapel at Moni Prevali.
On the other side of the mountain are the ruins of the old monastery, Moni Prevali Kato. Moni Prevali Kato - ruins of the old monestary
Moni Prevali Kato ruiins
Another view of Moni Prevali Kato
Poppies growing on the ruined walls of Phestos. Phestos - poppies growing on broken walls
Phestos courtyard

A courtyard at Phestos. Phestos has not been reconstructed like Knossos, so it is much harder to imagine how it once looked. The mountain in the background it Mount Ida, the highest mountain on Crete.

This photo is taken from Bill's video; that is why the colour is different from my digital photos.

A Roman grave cut in the cliff at Metala. Roman grave in cliffs at Matala

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