Diktanos Gorge and Chania, Crete 1998

In the Easter holidays, i.e. the first 2 weeks of April, 1998 Bill, Rory, Jens Peter and I spent 2 super weeks on Crete.

The first week, we depended on the bus and our hiking boots for getting around. One day we all hiked to Stilos, then along the Diktanos Gorge. We had intended to hike the entire length of the gorge. However, it had rained quite hard the week before we arrived and the gorge was filled with water in several places. The fellows waded through the first one but soon gave up and came back to where I was waiting and we all returned the way we came.

We also took the bus into Chania one day, explored the market and old town, and had lunch in a restaurant on the harbour.

Stilos church
We hiked from Neo Horio west to Stilos, then south to the trail through the Diktanos Gorge.

Jens and Rory climbing over boulders in the gorge.

Diktanos gorge
Diktanos Gorge - pool
A deep pool of water blocked our path. The fellows decided to wade through it. Jens Peter is already through and Rory is half way there.

Bill wading through the pool

Diktanos Gorge - Bill wading through pool
Diktanos Gorge - reflections


The Diktanos gorge above the pool.
Diktanos Gorge above pool
Cycllamen creticum
While waiting for the fellows to return, I discovered a hillside covered with Cyclamen creticum.
Here is a close-up.
Cyclamen creticum
Chania harbour and lighthouse
On another day we took the bus into Chania which was the capital of Crete under the Turks who ruled Crete from 1669 to 1898.
The harbour of Chania. The red building on the left is the naval museum. The lighthouse was built by the Venetians.
The Turkish mosque on the harbour in Chania. When we first arrived it was so foggy that we could not see the lighthouse at all. But after lunch the fog lifted and the sun came out.
Chania mosque on harbour
Get photo from Bill We also visited the market, which is a huge stone building with many stalls selling everything from fresh fish to fruit and vegetables to wine, raki and olive oil.

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