Bamberg City hall / Bamberger Rathaus, Bamberg 2001

The Bamberg city hall or Rathaus in German (Rat means council or advice) dates from the Middle Ages. It is build on an island in the Regnitz River, middle ground between the frequent conflicts between the churches on the west bank and the townsmen on the east bank. The original gothic building was renovated between 1744 and 1756 when the baroque decorations and paintings were added.


Rathaus / Cityhall from south side
The Bamberg city hall (Rathaus) perched on its island in the middle of the Regnitz River. It is joined by bridges to the ecclesiastics on the left and the townsmen on the right.

The west side of the Rathaus / city hall. This is the side towards the church side of the city. The paintings were added in 1750.

West side of dityhall / Rathaus
Cityhall / Rathaus from the west
Coming from the cathedral, it is not apparent that the city hall (Rathaus) is on an island until one is right on the bridge. The entire wall to the left of the bridge is beautifully painted.

The Rathaus from the east (townsmen) side.

Rathaus (cityhall) from the east
Rathaus (cityhall) from the north

The Rathaus (city hall) from a boat on the river. The blue house on the right is one of the prettiest buildings in Bamberg.

The "Blue House" from the river.
Blue house from the river side
Blue house from Rathaus bridge
The "Blue House" from the Rathaus bridge.
The street side of the blue house. The stucco detail around the doors and windows reminds me of Wedgewood porcelain. Bllue house street side
Rathaus (cityhall) from mill bridge
A final view of the Bamberg Rathaus (city hall) from a bridge to an old mill.

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