Geyerswörth / Regnitz Mills, Bamberg 2001

Geyerswörth Palace was built by the wealthy Geyer family. It is situated on an island upstream from the Rathaus (city hall) in the Regnitz River. On the same island as Geyerswörth and on the opposite band (west band) of the Regnitz, there are several old mills. They are no longer used as mills but are now artisan workshops, galleries and restaurants catering for the tourists who flock to Bamberg every year.


Geyerswörth and flower-lined bridge
Geyerswörth Palace. From the tower there is a fantastic view over the city of Bamberg.

The inner courtyard of Geyerswörth Palace, showing the base of the tower.

Inner courtyard of Geyerswörth Palace
Tower of Geyerswörth Palace
The tower of Geyerswörth Palace. From here you can see over the whole city of Bamberg.

Geyerswörth Palace is on the left, in the middle is the Rathaus (city hall) and the yellow building on the left is a mill.

mill and Rathaus (cityhall)

A close-up of the mill in the above photo.

This mill is now a restaurant. This is the building from the street.
Mill - street side
More mills on the Regnitz River. The mill on the left is now a handworkers workshop.
Not only the mills have been converted for other uses - this old wagon is now filled with flowers outside a restaurant which was once a mill. Wagon filled with flowers

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