Little Venice / Klein Venedig, Bamberg 2001

On the banks of the Regnitz River, just downstream from the Rathaus (city hall) are the picturesque fishermen's houses of Little Venice (Klein Venedig in German). We photographed the houses from across the river (panorama) and from a boat trip on the river.


Little Venice fron the Rathaus (cityhall)
Little Venice from the Rathaus (city hall) bridge.

Panorama of Little Venice
This is made up of 4 photos taken from across the Regnitz River.

University building at south end of Little Venice
The south end of Little Venice. The buildings were used by the university biology department. The crane was for loading and unloading boats.

The facade is decorated by a resting cow!

Facade of Uni Biology building
Boat landing and crane

Two more cranes. Because it was raining and not nice weather for walking around town, we took a boat trip on the Regnitz through town and out to the Rhein-Main-Danube canal.

Little Venice from the boat.
Little Venice from boat
Closse-up of house in Little Venice from boat
A close-up of one of the houses in Little Venice, taken from the boat. We were interested in the canoe.
From the boat we also saw the hospital with its beautifully decorated facade.
Hospital from boat

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November 19, 2013
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