Bamberg Cathedral / Bamberger Dom, Bamberg 2001

The Bamberg Cathedral, or Bamberger Dom as it is called in German, was built by King Heinrich II of Bavaria. He was later declared a saint for his support of the church. The original cathedral was dedicated on May 6, 10112 - the king's birthday. The original church burned down twice. The present building dates from 1237. The cathedral contains many treasures including a magnificent cape presented to Heinrich by the pope and the king's tomb carved by Tillman Riemenschneider.

Beside the cathedral are the Old and New Residences (Alt Hofhaltung, Neue Residenz) which housed the bishop and the king when he was in the city.


cathedral from bridge over Regnitz River
This view of the cathedral from a bridge over the Regnitz River shows the 4 spires of the late gothic building.

The spires and front of the cathedral.

cathedral spires
cathedral door
The main door into the cathedral.

The main altar in the cathedral. It was carved by Veit Stoss in 1520 to 1523.

cathedral altar
Bamberg Rider

The Bamberg Rider. The statue dates from 1230 but the artist is unknown. It is thought to represent a king and the mediaeval ideals of knighthood.

We were here in 1977 when Kim was 1 year old. She discovered that the cathedral echoed when she squealed and crowed; we had to beat a hasty retreat.

Another view of the Bamberg Rider, including some of the gothic arches of the cathedral.
Bamberger Rider
tomb of Heinrich II and Queen Kunigund
The tomb of Kaiser Heinrich II and his Queen Kunigund of Luxembourg. The sarcophagus was carved by Tillman Riemenschneider in 1513.

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