Old Bamberg, 2001
Böttinger House, Concordia, St. Michael, ETA Hoffmann's House

This is a collection of some of the other lovely old buildings we saw and photographed in Bamberg.


Böttinger Palace
Böttinger Palace build by a wealthy and influential Bamberg councilor Johann Ignaz Böttinger in 1713. It is modeled on an Italian palace. It is now an exclusive hotel and restaurant

A close-up of the ornate doorway into the Böttinger Palace.

Closse-up of doorway of Böttinger House
Detail of a building across the street from Böttinger House
A building across the street from the Böttinger House.

Concord ia, Böttinger's "country house" on the Regnitz River. It was build between 1716 and 1722.

Concordia on Regnitz River
Street in Bamberg

A street scene in Bamberg, not far from Böttinger House.

The buildings at the end of the street in the above photo.
Street in Bamberg
A doorway in Bamberg
A doorway in an old house in Bamberg.
Emblems of different guilds in Bamberg. This building is in Schillerplatz, not far from Hoffmann's house. Guild signs
ETA Hoffmann's house
The musician and author E.T.A. Hoffmann lived in Bamberg between 1809 and 1813, when he was choirmaster at the Bamberg theatre. The house is so narrow that there was room for only one room on each floor. There was a hole in the floor of the attic so that Hoffmann could work there and talk to his wife on the floor below. He is best known in English for his fantasy stories, The Tales of Hoffmann.
The Benedictine monastery of St. Michael was built by King Heinrich II in 1015. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1117 and rebuilt in the late gothic style in the 13th century. In the 17th century it was "modernized" in the barock style, when the ceiling of the church was painted with medicinal plants - beautiful. (The scaffolding is from ongoing restoration.)
St. Michael monastery

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